Meet Our Hosts

Your Nakatumble hosts are always there! They are the heart and soul of the Villa. The attention to detail, 120 % creative energy and support means that you don’t have to think about anything, other than enjoying your holiday.


Tate is your hostess with the mostess! She loves to be in the kitchen and to cook up a storm or whip up a gin and tonic that is made to perfection. If you do decide to go to the Blue Lagon she will join you to supervise your children and serve your lunch with such style that everyone will think you must be celebrities!


Linda is a hostess who is classy, beautiful and ensures your rooms are immaculate at all times .. but she does it with such a flourish that you think she must have a magic wand!
She hails from Tanna island and has a son who we all adore.


Head of Security


Emotional Support Cat