The name ‘Nakatumble’ comes from a local fruit tree, but as a sustainable timber, it’s one of the most beautiful hardwoods we’ve ever seen.    It’s been used extensively throughout the property, in the joinery and furniture, even the cutlery baskets and chopping boards.   We call it ‘God’s Painting’ because when you look deep into the grain of the wood, you’ll see the story of these islands.


Nakatumble Eco Villa is a unique, ecologically sound property.

We are self-sustainable because we grow our own organic fruits and vegetables, rear ducks and pigs for protein, generate biogas from the animal waste, harvest solar power from the sun and store rainwater in large underground tanks.

Any the food waste that can’t be fed to the animals is composted to nourish our gardens. We also preserve food by canning or pickling which makes the most of everything we grow.

We recycle or repurpose everything we can as there is no recycling services in Vanuatu.

The philosophy of Nakatumble is based on slow-hospitality and is dedicated to the quality of BEING, not of doing, wasting or having. While luxurious in its detail, it is also raw, simple and pared back.


Born from a passion to be sustainable, we built the property to utilise the natural resources at our disposal.

Solar Power

Our solar photovoltaic system consisting of 45 solar panels converts sunlight into electricity and powers everything on the property. In fact, we generate over 1 Gigawatt a month and have a sustainable battery bank to keep us powered overnight.

Bio Gas

We produce Biogas with the help of an anaerobic digester. This biofuel is naturally produced by decomposing organic waste. In our case, we use Pig manure. When the manure breaks down in an anaerobic environment it releases a blend of gases, primarily methane and hydrogen. We currently use the gas for cooking but the goal is to run showers and a spa bath too. Now that is barefoot eco luxury!

Water Harvesting

Rain is captured from the roof and stored in 2 x 20,000 buried in the ground. When captured and stored correctly, it is a safe, economical, sustainable and it tastes great too. As we’re in the tropics, capturing our water this way made perfect sense to us.


Recycling all our organic household, garden and animal waste is the perfect solution to enrich the garden’s soil. The bedrock of the property is dead coral and not ideal for crop cultivation, however, this closed permaculture system improves the soil quality and garden vitality by releasing the rich nutrients from the compost into the soil.

Another great bi product of the biogas unit is the liquid fertiliser that is released as new waste is added. This 100% organic fertilser is used throughout the gardens



“Spending a week in the sea house is exactly what I needed to recharge my batteries.  Listening to the sound of the waves lapping the shore all night was pure bliss and the Nakatumble hosts were so lovely.   A beautiful spot, I will definitely be back!”
Amanda Cooton

“Nakatumble is literally paradise on earth. Amazing views, spacious rooms and lovely hosts/staff. I would 100% recommend anyone stays there for a relaxing break and will definitely go back again.  You made my trip to Vanuatu magical!”
Cornelia Biller

“By far the best Airbnb I have ever stayed at. I cannot actually say enough positive things about my holiday here. I had wanted to stay somewhere that felt like my home away from home. This was the perfect setting to relax and unwind.  Thanks for having me, I’ll be back.”
Antionette Mares


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