Meet Our Hosts


Your Nakatumble hosts are always there! They are the heart and soul of the resort. The attention to detail, 120 % creative energy and support means that you don’t have to think about anything, other than enjoying your holiday.




Kalia Valoa

Property Manager

Kalia was born in Tonga, educated in NZ and resided most of his adult life in Australia working in hospitality. On his first visit to Vanuatu in 1995, he knew that this beautiful little piece of paradise would somehow, someday play a part in his life. Kalia is responsible for daily operation of Nakatumble as well as working hand in hand with the Owners Bill & Romina Mulham to deliver a unique and memorable experience for all our guests.


Head of Security


Lisa Elizabeth

Housekeeper and Massage Therapist

Lisa is from Pentecost, the land diving island. She’s a mother of 3 and a wonderful housekeeper. She comes from a long line of traditional healers and you’ve got to try one of her massages to know what we mean. Her father is 102 and her mother is a traditional “island midwife” in her village. Lisa has a wealth of knowledge in traditional medicine and is in the process of writing a book to document her medical knowledge “Island Style”.


Animal Whisperer

From the Island of Tanna, this muscular young man with the friendly smile has the very important job of taking care of the animals at Nakatumble. His age is unknown to everyone except perhaps his parents. You’ll often see Jimmy walking around the property with his phone on low speaker, listening to local music and if you are lucky enough, you’ll catch him busting some moves out.  The rumours around the property are that he’s pretty nifty on his feet.


Emotional Support Cat